Those who  wear their hair MOST of the time in a curly state are best serve by a dry curly cut. It  is the best way to help give your curls a beautiful shape to amplify your natural texture .

In fact straight cutting techniques can balance the shape of your hair and make styling easier

Yes, However, I don’t subscribe to the 4 abcdefg hair typing. I am more concerned with your density, porosity, elasticity, hydration level and hair goals.

No. I can do corrective cuts until you get the length you are comfortable with. However sometimes a good haircut can make your life easier

No. I am a licensed professional natural hair specialist and I use products that meet my exact standards for hydration, strength, and styling effect. While I respect your home care routine, I will use my professional judgement to select products that will provide excellent results for your hair.

No , the same way you can’t bring you one produce to the restaurant to cut cost .

Once  I have seen and felt your natural hair I can make recommendations and help you create a routine.

You are not charged when you schedule your appointment.

You are charged based on the Cancellation Policy.

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. Unlike other stylists, I DO NOT double book. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, I kindly ask for 48 hours notice so that I can accommodate other guests. If you need to cancel up to 48 hours before your appointment, please click on the link in your confirmation email to cancel your appointment without penalty.

If your cancellation is within 24 hours of your appointment time, please email judierene@gmail.com. Be aware that any cancellation within 24 hours is subject to a fee equivalent to 50% of your scheduled service price that will be immediately charged to the credit card on file. Marabou Curls and Beyond Salon will not be responsible for cancellations that are called in, texted in, sent to the wrong email, or not sent in accordance to this policy.

Clients who do not show up to their appointment without notification or those canceling within 4 hours of any appointment will be charged 100% of their appointment price immediately to the credit card on file.Thank you for your understanding.

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